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TreePlan Questions and Answers

In Windows Excel, why doesn’t the menu item appear in the Add-Ins ribbon, and why doesn’t the add-in respond to the shortcut key?
In July 2016 Microsoft released a security update which may affect downloaded XLA and XLAM add-in files with Windows Excel. After you load the add-in XLAM file, if the menu item does not appear in the Add-Ins ribbon and the add-in does not respond to the shortcut key, quit Excel. Use your file manager to navigate to the add-in XLAM file on your local drive. Right-click the XLAM file, and choose Properties > General. If there is an option to Unblock, click the checkbox and click OK. Then launch Excel, and use Excel’s File > Open to load the XLAM file, or follow the instructions for installation. For more information, see

What is the shortcut key to run TreePlan on Windows Excel 2007 & 2010 & 2013 & 2016?

What is the shortcut key to run TreePlan on Mac Excel 2011 & 2016?

Why does TreePlan not respond (or why does TreePlan show the wrong dialog box) when I select a node and choose Decision Tree (or press the shortcut key)?
(a) It is very important not to use Excel commands to insert or delete rows, columns, or cell ranges in the tree diagram area. If you do, TreePlan may not be able to keep track of the location of nodes (squares, circles, and triangles).
(b) TreePlan may not be able to detect selection of a node on some computers with a specific combination of display resolution and zoom setting. A workaround is to select the cell containing the node shape instead of selecting the node shape itself. To do so, select an adjacent cell, e.g., above or below, and then use an arrow key to select the cell containing the node shape. Then choose Decision Tree (or press the shortcut key).

When I run TreePlan on Mac Excel, the text and buttons on the dialog boxes are scrunched together and overlap, or TreePlan does not allow me to modify the decision tree. What should I do?
This behavior usually occurs if you double-click the XLAM file, in which case Excel does not execute some of the startup code that does special formatting for the Mac display. Instead, refer to the How To Install Addin PDF file, and try one of the methods for using the add-ins on the Mac. The simplest method is to launch Excel first and then use Excel’s File Open command to load the TreePlan XLAM file.

What should I do if I see “The item with the specified name wasn’t found”?
You may see this message only if (1) you are using Mac Excel 2011 and (2) there is no decision tree on the active worksheet and (3) you choose Tools > TreePlan Decision Tree and (4) you click the New Tree button. If you see this message box, click OK. TreePlan will continue as usual to create the new decision tree. To avoid seeing this message in Mac Excel 2011 when you create a new decision tree, run TreePlan by pressing Option+Command+T instead of choosing Tools > TreePlan Decision Tree.

How do I uninstall TreePlan?
If TreePlan has been installed so that it appears in the Excel Add-ins Available dialog box, uncheck the TreePlan item and quit Excel. Then move or delete the TreePlan XLAM file. The next time you run Excel, respond to the prompts about Excel not being able to find TreePlan.

How do I get a refund?
Uninstall TreePlan, delete all TreePlan files from your storage devices and computer, empty the Trash, and send an email to Mike Middleton <> stating that you have done so and that you request a refund.

What can I do if I need a node with more than five branches?
For some workarounds, see our web page TreePlan Limit of Five Branches per Node.

What can I do if I see the error message “Cannot empty the Clipboard”?
See the discussion on our web page Clipboard-Cannot-Be-Emptied-Error.

In Mac Excel 2011, what can I do if I try to run a VBA add-in (TreePlan, SensIt, or SimVoi) and receive an error message like “Error in loading DLL,” “Excel could not open (the XLAM add-in file name) because some content is unreadable …,” or “Excel repaired or removed unreadable content from this workbook …”
See the discussion on our web page Cannot-run-XLAM-file-in-Mac-Excel-2011.

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Download Free Documents for TreePlan

Click a link to download a PDF file with information related to TreePlan.


TreePlan and Decision Trees


Installation (and how to uninstall)

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How to Install

1. Immediate Download: After you purchase, SWREG will send a confirmation email message to the email address you specified. If you do not see the email message within several minutes, check your spam and junk folders. The email message contains the URL where you can immediately download the software (as a compressed ZIP file). The download link will expire after 7 days from the time of purchase. Be sure to download the software immediately.

2. Extract from ZIP: After you download the compressed ZIP file from the SWREG web site, right-click (Windows) or double-click (Macintosh) the ZIP file to extract the XLAM add-in(s) and other files.

3. Install XLAM add-in: Delete old versions or any Trial version of the XLA or XLAM files from your computer. Installation is simple but is not automated. Refer to the extracted How-To-Install-Add-In PDF file for detailed installation instructions.

4. Guide: For software details and tutorial, refer to the Guide PDF file(s) extracted from the ZIP file.

5. Questions: If you have any questions, send e-mail to Mike Middleton <>.

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Recent Version History for TreePlan


Release Date
2.06 2018-06-20 Modify behavior for defining name RT
2.05 2017-12-18 Revise XLM code to work with Mac Excel versions 16.8 and later
2.04 2017-03-10 Repair creation of risk utility defined names for each worksheet
2.03 2016-06-26 Restore compatibility with Windows Excel 2007
Avoid persistent menu item on Windows Add-Ins ribbon
2.02 2016-03-21 Fix Mac Excel run-time error when adding branch to initial decision node
Use TreeData node ID as part of name of node shapes
Include RiskTolerance function for calculating RT from two-outcome assessment
2.01 2016-02-02 Add yellow, green, and blue colors to node shapes
Repair behavior of risk tolerance defined name RT
Revise Mac Excel 2016 shortcut key reminder message
2.00 2015-10-09 Add compatibility with Mac Excel 2016
Improve multiple selection of cells and shapes
1.86 2014-10-16 Ensure that new tree diagram cells use the default Body Font
1.85 2014-09-26 Modify Copy & Cut functions to avoid using Office Clipboard
1.84 2014-07-11 Change Standard name to Pro with single-line menu items
1.83 2014-04-26 Change XLS & XLA files to XLSX & XLAM file formats
1.82 2013-08-19 Improve uninstall of menu item in Excel 2013
1.81 2013-02-26 Remove dropshadow from node shapes
Improve ability to detect selection of node shapes
1.79 2011-08-05 Fix error (present only in 1.78) for terminal value formulas
1.78 2011-06-09 Make all TreePlan-entered formulas compatible with non-English Excel
1.77 2010-12-30 Add compatibility with Mac Excel 2011
1.76 2010-12-07 Improve compatibility with Excel 2010
Improve selection of shapes with widescreen monitors
1.74 2010-01-13 Delete only decision tree shapes (graphic objects) before redrawing tree
Change shapes to be compatible with Windows Excel 2010
1.73 2009-03-13 Add ability for TreePlan to select an unlimited number of cells or shapes
Change terminal node symbol from vertical line to industry-standard triangle
Change zoom to 100% for redrawing tree and then restore to original zoom
Change calculation to manual before redrawing tree and then restore to original
Speed up redraw of tree diagram
Add compatibility with Mac Excel 2004

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