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TreePlan helps you build a decision tree diagram in an Excel worksheet using dialog boxes.

Decision trees are useful for analyzing sequential decision problems under uncertainty.

TreePlan creates formulas for summing cash flows to obtain outcome values and for calculating rollback values to determine optimal strategy.

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  • Save time by using TreePlan to quickly build a decision tree model.
  • Two ways to run TreePlan: quick launch for temporary use, or permanent installation.
  • Format your decision tree the way you want it.
  • Use TreePlan to select a group of cells or shapes. Then apply Excel’s formatting commands to the group.
  • Use TreePlan’s diagram to explain your analysis to colleagues.
  • Check your assumptions. Perform what-if analysis using the Excel Data Table command to automate sensitivity analysis.
  • Integrate your decision tree model with other Excel models.

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How It Works

  1. Open a new worksheet,
  2. choose Tools | Decision Tree (Mac Excel 2011) or Add-Ins | Decision Tree (Excel 2010 & 2013 & 2016),
  3. click the New Tree button, and TreePlan creates an initial tree with two branches,
  4. select a node, and run TreePlan to change the structure of your decision tree,
  5. enter branch names, cash flows, and probabilities, and
  6. see the optimal strategy from TreePlan’s results.

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For a larger version of a tree diagram, click the image.
To return from the larger version, use the browser Back button.


Expected Value Rollback


Risk Utility Rollback


Decision Node Dialog Box


Options Dialog Box

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